When we look at the history of printmaking, we are looking at history of technology. This history gives us a physical portrait of what ideas and of what images were important enough to mechanize. Nowadays we do not rely on movable type to get us our daily news. We do not depend on the reliability of the artist hand to depict accurate information. Printmaking (or the technology of repeatability) was the first information revolution. We are experiencing another information revolution, and this one did not appear out of thin air. Through a study of printed history and studio practices, Mays attempts to expose the seemingly invisible lines that connect our day to day experiences with a larger mechanism. The parking ticket you got last week, the souvenir from your last vacation- these artifacts all have a complex history. They quietly shape an experience that you are actively participating in.

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Ashlee Mays is an artist/printmaker.  

Graduate Teaching Associate at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Co-Founder of Twin Peaks Press, Pretty Good Printmaking, and Lucky Duck Farms

Associate Director of Gallery 1010